5 Myths of Paying for Fertility Treatments

Not so many years ago, the cost of fertility treatment was prohibitively high. Some people actually had to take out second mortgages on their homes to pay for fertility treatments if they needed assistance in starting a family. And sadly, many others just had to accept that the treatments were out of their reach, financially speaking.

Fortunately for everyone, fertility treatments have become much more affordable in recent years. And as more places offer some or many types of fertility treatments, the costs will likely become even more competitive, which is a major advantage to people who are seeking help in starting a family.


But some myths still persist! Let’s look at some of the biggest ones—and find out why they’re not true:

Myth: Fertility treatments are off the table for everyone but the very rich.

Reality: That might have been true in the past but it’s definitely not the case anymore! Many people can now afford fertility treatments, as there is a much wider variety of treatment options—at a variety of price points—available now than there were just a few years ago.

Myth: You have to fund the cost of treatments all by yourself.

Reality: It’s true that some insurance companies don’t cover assisted reproductive technologies, or ART, but don’t automatically assume that your insurance company is one of them. In fact, we accept insurance from a growing list of companies, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Health Net, UMR, and United Healthcare, as well as the military’s health insurance TriCare.

Myth: IVF is the only fertility treatment available, and it is very expensive.

Reality: Not so! Not everyone woman will need in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to conceive a baby. For example, a woman might only need to take a couple of cycles of a fertility medication like Clomid, which works by stimulating ovulation. That might only cost a few hundred dollars. The key is to schedule an initial consultation, often covered by insurance, and determine your needs and options with then Arizona Fertility Doctors! From there, we will determine the best treatment for you based on your medical needs, and then determine the most cost effective option for you based on that need.

Myth: You have to pay for the treatments all in one lump sum.

Reality: You can actually finance the cost of the treatments that are right for you and spread out the payments. Arizona Reproductive Institute offers financing options through the financial organizations Prosper Healthcare Lending and CapexMD. Both have reasonable rates, as well as discounts and flexible options based on each patient’s needs.

Myth: There are no discounts or guarantees for infertility treatments.

Reality: We believe that the men and women who serve our country as members of the military deserve some special treatment. So we offer a generous discount, 15%, for an IVF cycle to them—along with our respect and thanks. We also offer a 15% hardship discount to individuals with an annual income below $30,000—or to couples who have a joint annual income less than $60,000.

We also stand firmly behind each and every IVF cycle we perform, as well as our high pregnancy success rates. Therefore, our financial assurance plan is very different from that of other centers. ARI provides exceptional value to its patients in sharing risk by discounting the cost of subsequent fresh IVF cycles. If you do not become pregnant during the first fresh IVF cycle and/or any subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycles (FET’s), your second fresh IVF cycle (and all subsequent fresh IVF cycles**) is free from all ARI physician fees.* We will continue this process until you are pregnant- our goal together!

Our team here at Arizona Reproductive Institute wants you to have the family that you want—without the debt that might keep you from being able to provide everything that they need. You can schedule an appointment, which includes personal time with our financial counselor to help you chart the best course forward. We can’t wait to meet you!

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